Friday, August 31, 2012

Digitisation of First World War unit diaries | The National Archives

Amazing time to study history with all of this material becoming available on line.  Below from the UK’s National Archives.

We are currently digitising part of the WO 95 record series, which consists of unit war diaries from the First World War. The series is one of the most requested in our reading rooms in Kew, and digitising it means that we will be able to make the diaries more accessible by publishing them online. The series is extremely fragile, largely due to its age and popularity, so we are carrying out essential conservation work while we digitise it.

Our war diaries research guide explains the importance of these records for researchers.

Digitisation of First World War unit diaries | The National Archives

Switzerland and the First World War

A new site on an overlooked country right in the middle of the war.

Books on the First World War traditionally say that by the end of 1914, "there was a line of trenches stretching from the North Sea to the Swiss frontier". That is usually the extent to which Switzerland’s part in the First World War is considered. As a neutral state, her only role seems to have been to anchor the frontline. Histories of the war barely mention Switzerland. Does this matter? Surely being neutral - as Switzerland was throughout the conflict - means you’re not involved in a war?

In fact, Switzerland could not escape the effects of the First World War. Swiss people may not have died in their thousands in the heavy fighting that was taking place not far over the border, but the years between 1914 and 1918 were still a time of great change for them. This website describes some of the effects of the Great War on Switzerland and the Swiss.

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